Protools compressors are manufactured by an Italian company having more than 60 years of experience.

Their success is characterised by a combination of the most advanced and sophisticated manufacturing solutions and assemblies, checks and tests that are typical of the best crafstmen. Each compressor is thouroughly tested and certified according to the most rigorous European Standards. Protools offers a wide range: Hobby series, professional and industrial compressors, with powers from 0.34 kW to 18kW for piston compressors, both standard and silenced. The power of heavy-duty industrial screw compressors is higher than 75 kW in the silenced version; refrigerated and absorption air dryers; all the accessories for compressed air.

What follows is our choice of garage and hobby compressors. We also offer a range of Industrial Compressors.

Download full Compressors Range Catalogue (PDF)