The quality of Protools impact wrenches starts from the design phase and is thouroughly checked through a series of simulated tests that are carried out internally.

These machines stand out for their high performances thanks to the hammer mechanism and their resistance, as well as the choice of the materials used, mainly for the aeronautical industry.
The perfect weight / power ratio allows the operator to work without much effort and with a remarkably low vibration level.

The range of Protools impact wrenches, going from ½” to 2 ½”, has been designed to meet the needs of both the automotive and the industrial sectors: tyre shops and mechanical workshops, civil and naval industries and engineering. Technology and efficiency at your service.

NEW - be sure to also check out our new Impact Sockets line.

What follows is our automotive product range. We also offer Industrial Power Wrenches, including an Atex range.